Summer Cocktail Series: Are you stuck in a lemon wedge rut?

 We’ve learned many ways to create interesting cocktails with a variety of fruits, herbs and vegetables.  Try upping the visuals by cutting citrus in slices from thick to micro-thin, twist a colorful rind into an unusual shape or toss in a handful of savory tarragon, basil or mint.  I especially liked the photos of the cooler with beautiful floating white cranberries

Summer Cocktail Series: Let your cocktails be the guide!

As George was preparing cocktails and appetizers for a recent exploratory shoot, he reminded us that a good way to decide what to serve is to keep these concepts in mind:  Appetizers that lean to the sweet side should be paired with drinks that have no sugar or very little, like martinis and gin tonics. Cheesy, rich appetizers work well with champagne cocktails.  Appetizers that are salty, spicy or full of flavor (Asian, Latin, fusion) can go with more complex mixed drinks, such as margaritas, Manhattans, mojitos and and those mixologist drinks we see on menus these days.